CS5CEP - Centro Espacial Português

In 2005, the idea of installing a permanent satellite tracking station at IST-Taguspark was born. This was the result of a partnership promoted by faculty members at IST-Taguspark with AMRAD and other engineering professionals and business executives at Taguspark, most of which are or were amateur radio operators.

The main goal is to complement the cientific education of students at IST, allowing them to apply the knowledge gained from the various lectured topics within several courses. We offer the ability to apply technology in a wide range of engineering problems, namely for students of the following degrees:

  • Engenharia Informática e Computadores,
  • Engenharia das Redes de Comunicações,
  • Engenharia e Gestão Industrial,
  • Engenharia Electrónica.

The ground station is equipped with high quality radio frequency and microwave measuring equipment obtained from IST , AMRAD and INESC-ID . This equipment is available to IST community and AMRAD associated members to support their Research and Development projects.

The ground station is equipped to track all of the different types of available amateur satellites. We've obtained our operating license from AMRAD in 2006. Our official callsign is: CS5CEP.

This callsign was proposed and approved by ANACOM – Portuguese National Communication Authority, which also has its monitoring center and radioelectric labs in the municipality of Oeiras.

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