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  1. Configure the Kenwood TS-2000 so that Primesat can correct the dopler shift >Done
  2. Provide a public desktop viewing solution (VNC) >Done
  3. Prepare tracking demo for the project's public presentation. >Done
  4. Install telemetry demodulation software (e.g. CO-58, available at >Done
  5. Setup separate unprivileged user accounts, keeping the software installation and system configuration exclusive to the Software Workgroup. This is needed as there have been several incidents of people installing rogue software and messing with the system. >Done


  1. Study the linux radio/rotor control library (hamlib) so we can add support for PrimeSat Controller. Get in touch with Primetec and see if we can get more information on the communication protocol.
  2. Take a look at Predict [another link], a satellite tracking application for *nix which can be controler remotely over TCP. >Done
  3. Design an application which can get pass information from Predict and use it to control both the radio and the rotor.
  4. Integrate all of this and build a web app which allows remote satellite tracking.
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